September’s Boxy Charm!

Alright guys it’s that time once again when I share with you all what came in this months Boxy Charm Box. If you don’t already know Boxy Charm is a monthly subscription box. You receive 5 full size beauty products for $21, but every box has an estimated worth of over $100 in product. September’s box theme was Boxy Baddie. Below I will review each product, and let you know if it was a hit or a miss. If your interested in signing up for BoxyCharm just follow this link:


This palette was probably my favorite item in this months box. It has a total of 12 shades (8 matte) (4 shimmer). These shadows are pigmented and easy to blend. You can create about any neutral look you’d like either warm or cool toned. I love that the palette has a good variety of mattes for transition, crease, and brow shades. The shimmers are gorgeous on the lids as well.


EYEBROWS by MAC Cosmetics $18

This product was 50/50 in my books. The pros were the color was perfect, and it was easy to apply. Cons were that it was a little difficult to twist up, and the biggest con for me was that there was NO SPOOLIE!  So I would repurchase this product.


LOOSE BLUSH by Studio Makeup

We also received this loose blush in our box this month. I have to say I’m not a big loose blush fan. I probably wont reach as much for this product because of that. If you do like loose blushes though this is a nice one pigmented and blends nicely.


FACE PERFECTING BRUSH by bareMinerals $28

If you use a serum foundation you’ll enjoy this brush. I personally do not use a serum foundation, so I don’t know how much use I’ll actually get from this.


ULTRA SATIN LIP by Colourpop $6

In our box also came a liquid lipstick. I really like Colourpop as a brand. I have multiple products from them, and their all good quality for the price. I do prefer these Ultra Satin Lips (non-drying), over the Ultra Matte formula which can tend to be drying. This color is great for Fall.




Last but not least we received this hair mask. I don’t think this did much of anything to be honest. I would not spend $20 on this product for the amount you get. This was a miss for me. It will be finding a new home.

Those are all the products for this month. I have to rate this box a 5. It had more misses then hits this month. Every month is different most of them are great, but once in a while you’ll get a dud like this one.



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