Whats In Your Skincare?

I want you to ask yourself these few questions. “Do I have a skin care routine?”,”Do I have dry, combo, or oily skin?”, “Do I have any skin issues I want to correct?”. Once you’ve answered these three questions your ready to customize a skin care routine designed for you and your skin type. Now that your ready to go shopping and customize a routine to your needs ask yourself this last question, “What do I want in my skin care?” Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin goes into your blood stream? When I found this out a little over a year ago I made the personal decision to change at least all of my skin and body care to natural, organic, or vegan products. So I started using more Pacifica and Shea Moisture products that you can find at your local Ulta or Target. Then this year I was introduced to an amazing skin care brand that I love even more, Limelight by Alcone. This brand is cruelty free (leaping bunny certified), paraben free, free of harsh chemicals, all natural, and all skin care is vegan except two products that I will go over later. Since I love their skin care line so much I wanted to share it with you guys, and teach you more about it.

I’m going to cover the first three items everyone should have in their routine cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator. Even if you don’t want all the extra steps of serums etc. these are the products you should have to achieve healthy and balanced skin. You’ll be confident enough to go bare faced, or if your like me and love makeup you’ll have a beautiful canvas to apply it on. So lets get started to finding your perfect routine!


They have 2 different cleansers the Dream Clean and Quench Cleanse. I’ll go over the benefits and ingredients of both.

Quench Cleanse

  • For Dry-normal and mature skin
  • Cream cleanser that wont strip fatty acids
  • Mild, hydrating, balancing formula. Good for aging, sun damaged, and troubled skin.


🌻Aloe Vera– Shields your skin to keep pollutants out and moisture in. Promotes the redevelopment of new/healthy skin cells. The freeze dry formula helps prevent scaring as well. It’s actually the form used on burn victims.

🌻Sunflower Seed & Rosemary Oil– antioxidants

🌻Cocoglucoside & Coconut Alcohol– Holds the water and oil together. These clean certified natural ingredients help maintain the moisture balance, and are only water processed.

🌻Ginsing– Helps with circulation and detoxifying the skin.

🌻Rose Flower Water– Comes from the valley of roses in Bulgaria, and helps with soothing and hydration.

🌻Wheat Germ– Rich in Vitamins A,D, & E as well as protein. Helps treat eczema, psoriasis, and stretch marks.

🌻Foraha– A vegetable oil from Madagascar. Helps support cell immunity and strengthen skin cell tissue. Its been used centuries in Tahiti to treat leopardsy.

Dream Clean

  • Oily-normal, acne prone skin
  • Gentle foaming cleanser
  • Fights against acne causing bacteria, and prevents melanin production to help reduce sun and age spots.
  • There’s two ways of processing chemical and water. We do ours by water with non-GMO materials (corn,sugar, and coconut). Ours are processed in France and Germany who have very strict processing laws.


🌱Aloe Vera– Same benefits as the quench cleanse.

🌱Soapberry– From India. Contains natural saponins that cleanse the skin and fight bacteria. This ingredient also helps reduce the appearance of sun and age spots.

🌱White Tea & Alge Extract– Antioxidants

🌱Spirulina Platensis Alge– Helps firm and hydrate.

🌱Essencial Oils- Camille, lavender, ylang ylang, palmarosa, rose oil.



Limelight also offers two different moisturizers. They have the Skin therapist and Calm Balm.

Skin Therapist

  • Dry-Normal skin types
  • Rich moisturizer that soothes dry, aged, or inflamed skin, It’s also good for firming, protecting, and balancing the skin.


🌾Pomegranate Sterolsssss– Extracted from pomegranate oil sterols they hold double their weight in water, and add excess water to the skin cells.

🌾Oat Protein– Soothes inflamed skin and replenishes devitalized cells.

🌾Cetearyl Glucoside– Restores process that helps retain moisture as we age.

🌾Honey Suckle– Acts as an antibacterial

🌾Minerals Phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and zinc– Help maintain the skins process such as restorative and replenishing properties.

Calm Balm

  • Oily-Normal, or sensitive skin types
  • Light moisturizer that hydrates and fortifies skin cells.
  • Good for those who have rosacea and irritated or sunburned skin.


🌵Aloe Vera & Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract– These extracts help calm dry/sensitive skin by providing long lasting hydration.

🌵Kendi Oil– Supplies omega 3 fatty acids to help skin health.

Candida Saitoana Extract– Detoxifing agent

🌵Prickly Pear Cactus– Limelight studied the way these plants retain their moisture, and this extract focuses on preventing the formation of free radicals in the skin that sun damage causes.

🌵Shea Butter, Vitamins, Minerals, and Lavender Essencial Oil


Limelight by Alcone also has two masks to choose from. The skin polish and the masque of zen.

Skin Polish

  • exfoliation and mask in one
  • For all skin types
  • Hydrates, balances, and reduces inflammation.


🍋Jojoba Beads– Exfoliate dry, flacky, dehydrated skin cells.

🍋Olive oil– Helps prevent dehydration.

🍋Cold Pressed Lemon Peel Oil– Stimulates new cell growth

🍋Apricot Oil– Rich in vitamins and minerals

Masque of Zen

  • Oily-acne prone skin use all over.
  • Dry-combo skin use to spot treat or place in t-zone.
  • Fights the 5 main causes of skin imbalance.
  • Purging may occur do to the skin drawing out all the impurities.


🌿Montana Clay

🌿Tea Tree Oil– Combats bacteria that causes inflammation.

🌿Cinnamon Bark Extract– Mild astringent and helps regulate bacteria without throwing off skin cell balance.

🌿Carrot Seed Oil– Rich in vitamin A


Limelight’s boosters are products that can be added to your normal three steps routine. Wither you want an anti aging product, an eye serum, extra hydration, or something that will brighten your skin, these products will help correct those issues.

One Drop Wonder

  • Helps reverse damaged & aged skin cells
  • Restores moisture
  • Absorbs immediately
  • Helps with rosacea
  • Helps active other products ingredients to work even better
  • Recommended to pair with sotoks


🌳Pomifera Oil- Has super rich antioxidants, rich in omega 6, and UV protection.


  • Serum
  • Helps eliminate dark spots.
  • rehydrates & rebalances the skin.
  • Should notice firming within 3-6 weeks (with consistent use).
  • BLT (brighten, lighten, tighten) product.


🍄Songyi Mushroom– Helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and help prevent pigmentation.

🍄Millet Seed Extract– Antioxidant that combats stress related aging and restores cells to their normal state.

🍄Pullulan– Rare sea algae that’s clinically proven to tighten the skin.

🍄Pinus Pinaster– From a pine tree in the Mediterranean is a special antioxidant from the bark that’s good at preventing and restoring sun damage.

Must Dew

  • Calming face oil for all skin types.
  • Restores, refreshes, protects skin cells, and stimulates new cell growth.
  • Can be used as your only moisturizer, or in addition to your current moisturizer as another hydrating layer. You can also mix it with your foundation, use it as highlight to give a natural glow, use it on your lips, or on your hair ends and so much more.


🌹Palmarose Oil- Refreshes skin and reduces inflammation

🌹Schisandra Fruit Extract– Helps with people who have skin allergies. Can help eliminate allergies and readjust the skins behavior.

🌹Camille, Lavender, Sandalwood, Neroli Flower, and Rose Hip Oils

🌹Shea Butter

Eye Aspire Eye Serum

  • Reduces fine lines and puffiness.
  • Eliminate age spots.
  • Lighten dark under eye circles.
  • Ceramic tip applicator instantly cools and reduces puffiness and refreshes skin around your eye.


🌲Aspen Bark – Gently exfoliates the skin around the eye area. Also smooths and soothes the skin.

🌲Carob Gum – Provides a soothing, cooling, and firming sensation. As well as promoting moisture retention and protection of the eye area.

🌲Hexapeptide-11 – Improves skin firmness, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and promotes maintenance of the skin’s lipid layer.

Body Care

If your looking to exfoliate and keep your skin soft and hydrated through the winter months look no further Limelights got you covered.

Bamboo Renew

  • Body scrub


🎋Bamboo Powder– makes skin more vibrant.

🎋Lemongrass, Mimosa Flower, & Litsea– essential oils

🎋Walnut Shell– Removes dry, dead skin cells

🎋Algae & Rice Extracts– Firming agents

🎋Milk Thisle– moisturizing


  • Sugar body scrub


🍋Virgin Coconut Oil

🍋Shea & Olive Butters

🍋Lemon Verbena Oil– Heals and protects against aging elements.

Creme of the Crop

  • Extra rich protective creme
  • Penetrates deeply to heal dry, cracked, & callused skin.
  • Great hand cream for the health of your nails and cuticles.


🍊Shea Butter– Extracted from the nut so no benefits are lost.

🍊Safflower Seed Oil

🍊Lavender & Orange Peel– essential oils.

🍊Lavender Water– Soothing and hydrating.

Forty Cure Cream

  • Therapeutic body cream
  • Deeply hydrates and protects dry, rough, and cracked skin.
  • Assist in healing eczema
  • Product name comes from the Tahitians who call the Tamanu seed tree the “forty cure tree”, because of the variety of skin ailments the seed oil can heal.


🌹Tamanu Seed– Has many pain relieving properties. Great to help chapped skin do to environmental issues or eczema.

🌹Organic Lavender, Sweet Orange, & Egyptian Rose Geranium– Aid in cellular repairing properties.

Well guys that’s all the skin care products Limelight by Alcone offers, and some of the ingredients and issues they help correct. They do have collections that you can purchase for cheaper if you’d like to purchase your whole skin care routine. I personally love these products and would recommend them to anyone. Not only do they work, but they also are better for your skins health. If your interested in checking any of these products out or purchasing any just follow this link: limelightbyalcone.com/Glowinthelimelight









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