Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Fall is upon us once again. Time to pack away the flip-flops and swim suits, and bring out the cozy sweaters and boots. Fall is probably my favorite season in fashion. Like most years the trends don’t dramatically change. For me not working in retail anymore where I was stuck wearing black everyday, this fall season I can’t wait to get into some of these trends and go new clothes shopping.

Lets start with this years fall color palette. The colors haven’t changed much from any other fall season. We still have our navy’s, burgundy, greens, grays, and browns. I have to say burgundy is one of my go to colors in the fall. What’s your go to color in the fall season?


Now that we know the colors lets get into the trends! Here is the list of the main Fall 2017 trends.

  • British Country
  • Wide Waist Belts
  • Velvet
  • School Girl
  • Americana
  • Black Romance
  • Mini Skirts
  • 70’s Folk
  • Pant Suits
  • Leopard
  • Turtle Necks

British Country

This is probably my personal favorite fall trend. This trend incorporates: riding boots, sweaters, white button ups, and blazers. As far as colors and patterns for this trend, plaids and neutral tones are most popular.



Lets jump back across the pond for our next style trend. The next trend we’re going to cover is Americana. I’ll let the colors and patterns speak for themselves.


School Girl

Another one of my favorite trends is the school girl trend. I love channeling my inner Cher from Clueless lol. You know you secretly do too!


Mini Skirts

Who says you can’t wear your favorite mini skirt in fall? You can dress them up or down, and layer with cute tights or leggings.  You can totally rock that mini year round! Take some style tips from Miranda Kerr she knows how to rock her favorite minis.


Turtle Necks

Wither its form fitted or loose pick up some turtle necks this season. You can even style it with your favorite mini like Kendell Jenner did above.



70’s Folk

Turtle necks were most popular in the 60’s, and now the folk style fashions are making a comeback too. From the bold patterns to flowy fabrics your bound to make a bold statement.


Leopard Print

Plaid to bold floral prints, why not throw in some leopard too! Leopard print always seems to make its rounds through the years, and this year is the year of the leopard. Rock this trend by wearing a clothing piece or simply just accessorizing with it.



From patterns to textures, velvet is the go to texture this season. Dresses to jackets, and accessories, you can choose any way to wear this trend.



Dark Romance

Get in touch with your darker feminine side. It’s all about black and lace with this trend.

Pant Suits

Take charge this season by sporting a pant suit. Choose a neutral or a pop of color, but don’t be afraid to take charge in a power house suit. We all have a little bit of a girl boss in us.


Wide Waist Belts

The last fall trend I have is wide waist belts. I personally really like waist belts. Waist belts can give that instant hourglass shape. So go ahead and give this trend a try. Pair it with a dress, top, or coat. It’ll be one of your go to accessories.


There are the Fall 2017 Fashion Trends. You already know my favorites, but what are you most excited about? Comment below and tell me what trend you Love, Hate, and Want to Try. Stay tuned next week when I’ll cover all the Fall 2017 Beauty Trends.


One thought on “Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

  1. Fall is also my absolute favorite season! I love the leaves changing colors, pumpkin pie, fall makeup, my absolute favorite thing is the fall trends! I also love boots! I want to find a pair of short burgundy boots! This is awesome Angela! Excited for you!!❤

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