What Is Limelight By Alcone?

In this weeks post I wanted to educate you more about Alcone and Limelight by Alcone, and why I decided to become part of this amazing company.


Lets start with the history of the company.  Alcone company was started in 1952 by Alvin and Harriet Cohen. The company started out as a pharmacy in NYC that happened to also sell cosmetics. They sold cosmetics, false lashes, lighting, and other production materials to Broadway show girls and starlettes. Alcone in 1975 was bought out by Vincent and Barbera Mallardi to compliment their theatrical hardware store.

Then in 1986 Vincent was made president of Alcone and Mary was made president of Mutual Hardware. In 1987 The Blue Man Group came to Mary and Vincent to purchase supplies for their new show. 1990 then brought a big opportunity when Visiora asked Alcone to be the U.S. distributor of their foundation. After a few years their foundation became the standard in tv and film.

After this they decided to open a stand alone Alcone store in 1992. 1994 they launched a product on QVC called Face to Face SuperMatte Antishine. Alcone then decided in 1996 to sell their own line called Beauty/Tech on HSN which eventually turned into Alcone at Home. This same year they also launched their website AlconeCo.com. The next year the creative director for the Broadway show The Lion King asked Alcone to be the makeup provider. Alcone continued to grow and became a go to company for Broadway makeup.

Finally in 2013 Alcone at home launched, as a way for makeup artist and everyday women to be able to access professional grade cosmetics that weren’t available to the general public before for a small commission. Due to this in 2014 they updated their website, and added Alcone Agency a place where MUA’s (makeup Artists) can display their portfolios. In 2015 Alcone at home changed its name to Limelight by Alcone, and added luxury skin care to its line.

To this day they remain a family owned business, and pride themselves on selling over 10,000 cosmetic items. They are very picky about the brands they bring in to sell. Brands including Ben Nye, Cinema Secrets, Makeup Forever, OCC, and so many more amazing brands. This is why their philosophy is to find the best products in makeup, and offer them to everyone at an affordable price not just the rich and famous.

Now that you know more about Alcone as a company, lets talk a little bit more about Limelight by Alcone which is what I’m a part of. Limelight by Alcone has become increasingly popular over the past few months. You might have even seen someone you know selling it. It is a direct sales company, but unlike other direct sale companies Limelight started out as a cosmetic brand already known by makeup experts then went into direct selling. Most other direct sale companies start off as just that direct sales then  build and add to the brand. So Limelight is very different then some other direct sale companies you might have heard of before. img_4588

Limelight by Alcone also takes pride on taking care of our environment, and being environmentally cautious with its products. Their products are good for you and the environment which is one of the things I love about Limelight. Their packaging is beautiful, but also thinks long term. Not only is it reusable because you can customize everything, but when possible instead of using plastic they use biodegradable paper based options and recycled paper material. Limelight is also cruelty free. They have never tested their products on animals, and would like to see animal testing end. In 2014 Limelight was even endorsed by The Leaping Bunny Organization for their commitment to ending this issue in the beauty industry. Limelight’s skin care is also all vegan. All Limelight products are also paraben free except for their foundation which they’re currently working on to make paraben free.

After reading the information I gave above, I’m sure you can see why I wanted to join this company and sell their products. Limelight by Alcone is truly a company I can stand behind, and they really do have amazing products. I’ve never considered direct sales before mainly because I either didn’t like the company’s compensation plan or the product they sold. Limelight has defiantly changed my outlook on direct sales. They put their sellers and customers first. As a beauty guide we have an amazing compensation plan. This is due to the fact that they pulled all the best parts of other direct sales compensation plans together to make ours. They are also amazing to their purchasing customers. Limelight has a 100% happiness guarantee. They make getting refills of your favorite shades super easy with refillable pans as well.


Besides the fact that I love what Limelight stands for and the products it offers it does provide me with some extra income. The extra income is nice, but what I really love about representing Limelight is that I’m still able to work in the beauty industry. After leaving Ulta beauty to take another job I knew I still wanted to work with makeup in some way. Limelight has allowed me the opportunity to do just that. One of the things I loved about working in retail was being able to help people, and getting to know some amazing co-workers. Working for Limelight is no different. The girls I work with are so nice and supportive. We help each other out anyway we can, and encourage each other to grow and build our business. I love that I’m able to connect with other beauty lovers, and talk all things beauty like I use to do when I was at Ulta. Even with everything I mentioned above though the part I love the most is working with clients. One of the reasons I loved working retail was because I was able to help people, educate them, and make them feel better about themselves. With Limelight its no different I still have the customer service aspect that I loved about retail. I get so much joy out of helping someone feel better about themselves, or teaching them something new that helps them better their own skills and knowledge. And these are all the reasons why I decided to pick Limelight by Alcone to represent.

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