Welcome to Glow in the Limelight Blog!

¬†Welcome to my blog! My name’s Angela and this is a lifestyle blog. The main focus on my blog will be anything beauty related. This means everything from makeup, skin care, and hair care. I will throw in the occasional fashion, health, or fitness post as well. I will be trying to post every Friday so that’s at least 4 posts a month. You can also find all my social media site links in the right side bar of this blog. I encourage you to follow those as well since I’ll post more often on those. I’ll also give blog previews for the up coming weeks blog post. Below I’m going to go more in detail about what you’ll see from the given categories above.


Beauty Posts

My beauty posts will vary throughout the month. I’ll be covering everything from makeup, skin care, and hair care. I am a Limelight by Alcone beauty guide, so I will have at least one post a month on their products and benefits. But I want to let you know I’m not going to be spamming my blog with just Limelight beauty. I am a self-taught makeup artist. I have previously worked at Ulta beauty where I learned even more tips and tricks. I want to share my tips, tricks, and product knowledge to educate you, and save you some money along the way. To get a better idea of the type of beauty posts I will do you can visit my Youtube channel to get to know me better. I have a genuine love for makeup and love to teach/educate people on the topic. I’m excited for this blog to be an outlet just for this topic I’m so passionate about.



Fashion Posts

This blog will also feature the occasional fashion post. I have a degree in fashion marketing from the Art Institute where I atended college. So I also have a huge love for fashion and style as well. My fashion posts will consist of trends, hauls, celebrity style etc.



Food Posts

I will also be featuring recipes. Everything from main dishes, side dishes, drinks, and desserts. These posts will have ingrdiants, prep, cooking, and finished product pictures. Basically an easy step by step so you can feel confident enough to recreate the dish yourself.



Last but not least I’ll have fitness and welness posts. Everything from my current favorite type of workout and active wear. Healthy food changes I make to my diet, to current book reads I feel are worth the sharing.


After reading above what my blog will be and consist of I hope you decide to follow me along this journey. I’m excited to see where this can go, and the new people I can meet that share the same loves.


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